Die Zukunft der Freien Energie ist jetzt hier! Das Ende von Öl, Kohle und Nuklearer Verschmutzung!

The Future of Free Energy is here now! The end of oil, coal and nuclear pollution!


Die Zukunft der Freine Energie steht vor der Tür. Das Ende der Energiebarone, Kriegstreiber und Zentralbanker wird folgen. Somit lasst uns alle die sofortige Einführung dieser Technologien fordern.

Imagine the technology shown here interfaces with Corning’s new Display Glass Technology. This is the future for all of us. Free Energy and Free Thinking, the free interchange of all vital information via a free energy system. This is what I have been working for this past decade and now it s hear in our very faces:


Below is an excerpt from:

Nanoholdings is a team of scientists, investors and innovators working at the cutting-edge of nanotechnology to develop solutions to the world’s growing energy problems. Working in partnership with the world’s best universities we develop products and companies that will revolutionize the way we use and generate energy.

Two things stand out about us — we focus exclusively on nanotechnology-based energy solutions and we work at the very cutting-edge of nano-energy research.

Our extensive network of leading scientists in the nanotechnology field are central to our work – scientists based at eminent universities around the world, who are working at the coal-face of nano-energy research to seek out alternative solutions for how we generate, transmit, store and use energy. We support and guide their research, transforming breakthroughs into viable solutions — products to revolutionize the way we use and generate energy.