Documentary Claims to Reveal Underwater Maya City and Contact with ETs


Calakmul Archaeological Site - P 2012

Producer calls it the most important archaeological finding in the history of mankind.

MEXICO CITY -- An underwater Maya city, a millennia-old landing pad once used for spacecraft, and human contact with extraterrestrials. These may sound like the makings of a blockbuster Hollywood film but they're actually the alleged discoveries behind the documentary Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond.

Los Angeles-based producer Raul Julia-Levy, the son of actor Raul Julia, is billing the movie as a game-changer.

"It is the most important archaeological finding in the history of mankind," he says. "It's going to open the eyes of humanity and elevate the consciousness of every human being on the planet. I guarantee it."

Revelations is set to begin production next month deep in the jungles of Mexico's Gulf coast state of Campeche, at the Maya ruins of Calakmul. Julia-Levy, who is producing alongside Ed Elbert (Paraiso Travel), says the mother of all secrets will be revealed at the Calakmul archaeological site, though he declined to specify what could possibly trump the aforementioned findings.

The underwater Maya city, which Julia-Levy describes as "a city that was built under water, and not a sunken city," was found at the bottom of a lake in Guatemala, according to the producer. He says audiences will see underwater shots of the city.

Further stretching the mind, the actor-turned-producer claims the documentary also unveils a 3,000-year-old spacecraft landing pad that was allegedly built atop a rock structure capable of holding electromagnetic energy.

Julia-Levy won't divulge the production company and distributor backing the 3D documentary, however, he says they are "major" Hollywood players. An official announcement of the project is expected in the coming weeks and a tentative release date has been set for August.

A collaboration between archaeologists, scientists and the governments of Mexico and Guatemala, Revelations is the fruit of a decade of research that purportedly draws on classified information.