Sirius Film Documentary - Steven Greer

Dr.Steven Greer (CSETI/Disclosure-Project/...) meldet sich mit neuen Details zur Entstehung des SIRIUS-Disclosure Films zurück. Im Mittelpunkt steht die Untersuchung eines kleinen Wesens - ein ca. 6 Zoll grosser menschenähnlicher Organismus, der allen Anschein nach ausserirdischer Herkunft ist.Die Forscher und Experten aus vielen Wissensgebieten versuchen die Frage zu klären. ob es sich um eine "EBE" (Extraterrestrische Biologische Entität) handelt oder nicht.
EBE - Extraterrestrische Biologische Entität
Laut Dr. Steven Greer wurden etliche Röngtenaufnahmen und CT-Scans durchgeführt die den Experten eine genauere Untersuchung ermöglichen sollen. Bei der Untersuchung des Skeletts entdeckten die Experten einen sehr hohen Calcium-Gehalt in den Knochen der Entität, was bedeutet, dass man von der Theorie, dass es sich um einen menschlichen Fötus handeln könnte, Abstand genommen hat. Jetzt geht es noch um die exakten Ergebnisse der DNA-Analyse, die letzendlich Aufschluss über die Herkunft - also terrestrisch oder extraterrestrisch - bringen wird. Dies kann, so Dr.Greer, vielleicht noch 1-2 Monate in Anspruch nehmen, auf jedenfall werden die Ergebnisse mit in den Film SIRIUS aufgenommen, der im Dezember diesen Jahres fertig sein soll...





Originaltext (in englisch)
October 19, 2012
Dr. Greer reports on research on possible ET body.

After many weeks of travel, we are back to report that amazing results have been obtained from our study of the small possible ET body which was discussed in an earlier blog post.

Dr. Bravo, Emery Smith and I traveled to the country that is now home to this small possible ET body and were able to successfully obtain extensive X-Ray and CT Scans of the entire body. We were also able to obtain DNA samples under sterile, surgical conditions. These DNA samples are now being studied by one of the world's top geneticists.

The X-Ray and CT scan show an intact, actual biological humanoid organism, without question. Astonishing 3-D images were able to be constructed of the body from the detailed CT scan, and we were able to see internal organs such as lungs and what I am fairly sure is a heart structure.

These images have just been examined by the world's foremost authority on skeletal abnormalities, dysplasias and fetal skeletal syndromes and he has stated that this being is unlike any known skeletal structure found in humans. We also know that it is not an ancient hominid, and while humanoid, not apparently human.

Both this expert as well as the radiologist who is head of the imaging center where all X-rays and CTs were done have stated that the bone density precludes the body being that of a 20-22 week aborted human fetus. There is just too much calcium in the bone for this being to have been the result of a fetus of that age. Both doctors feel that the being was post-natal at the time of death (that is had lived for some time outside the womb, if indeed a womb is involved...).

The procedures for the DNA studies are complex and time-consuming. Literally the state-of-the-art technology available on earth will be brought to bear on this study, and the team of experts are without a doubt the most advanced and professional team that could possibly be assembled. The DNA studies will take around 2 months, and possibly longer.

We hope to provide some of these results, and the detailed CT and X-ray images, in the film Sirius. (See

The STAR team has provided film footage of our trip including the examination and surgical procedures performed on the small being, as well as the CT scan and X-rays to the A. Kaleka and the Neverendinglight team to use in the film Sirius.

We have also completed the Sirius Lecture Event in Santa Monica CA which was a great success and standing room only. A big thank you to all of you who came out to make that event a wonderful and historic event!

We have transferred to Neverendinglight hundred of UFO photos, video tapes, dozens of top-secret witness testimony and top-secret government documents as well as other materials for the film At this point there is enough evidence in hand for a 20 part series! We hope the film Sirius will be completed in December, 2012 and I will be further interviewed by NEL in November prior to our Contact expedition to the CA desert Nov. 10-17.

I would like to thank all of you for the enthusiastic support you have provided to this historic film project Sirius. Without you, none of this would be possible!

Steven M. Greer MD